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During a peacekeeping operation, a platoon of Blue Helmets will have to fight a war against themselves and their doubts, while a village of civilians and refugees struggle against the horror of civil war. One desperate need: survival.






An event set in the recent past, which speaks of peacekeeping and dramatic ethical choices in the theatre of a bloody civil war, the Balkans, in a country ravaged by military and religious conflicts and ethnic cleansing. A LARP with two different experiences converging into a common climax.

« The event lived up to expectations, maybe even better. It was a great experience. Thank you all for the quality and the heart you put into this event. You have to try to put yourself in the shoes of another parsona to see different points of view in a war situation. »

Participant Run #01

You will be part of a UN squad composed of a small group of officials escorted by a platoon of blue helmets and war reporters on a patrol mission in an operational zone.

This group will play a three-day event, in which knowledge of the English language is mandated even at low levels. The UN members will have to patrol a wilderness area and set up camp, carrying weapons, tents and equipment throughout the wilderness walk.

The other game experience will be playing one of the civilians living in a remote mountain village, where refugees from nearby destroyed villages have also taken refuge. Civilians will play a two-day, stationary event in which fluent knowledge of the Italian language is mandatory.

Civilians will experience all the terrible conflicts and dilemmas of a population torn apart by hatred, surrounded by external enemies, but with deep divisions within: a people yearning for a longed-for and seemingly unattainable peace.

PEACE is an event for an adult and aware audience, of action and tragedy, but also reflecting on the role of international organisations and the concept of peace and war.





« PEACE is an experience full of realism. »
Participant Run #01



« PEACE has made me realise that for evil to triumph, it is enough for good people to renounce action. Thank you for this thankless but dutiful task. »

Participant Run #01


« PEACE made me experience a part of history, and those who lived it, that I had previously only read about or heard in the distance. Everyone should ‘experience’ this history. »

Participant Run #01



The experience of the UN Group will also have a physical dimension, so it is advisable to be in good shape: this group will sleep one night in the open and will cover several miles for the first part of the event, with weapons and/or technical equipment and a heavy backpack on their shoulders: they will receive packaged military food (if someone has specific intolerances, they can bring what they can consume from home as long as it is already prepared and packaged). Players will have to bring footwear suitable for an excursion (we recommend amphibians or other mountain shoes) and undergarments to withstand a night in the open.

The UN will not have access to toilets, they will be provided with wet wipes, biodegradable toilet paper and what is necessary to bury their dejections. Soldiers will be issued a blue helmet and operative military uniform, plus blank weapons and ancillary military equipment. Functionaries will receive a UN basque and the media another UN berret plus the necessary equipment. Apart from this equipment, functionaries and media will have to dress in plain clothes (or even with camouflage parts if they wish and/or already possess them).

  • All UN members will be provided with a blue waterproof cape for rain and humidity, and if they do not have one, a backpack to carry the equipment. If players want to carry their own backpacks, they should look like military backpacks, unless they are in the media group.

  • Players will need to bring their own sleeping bag or select the “sleeping bag rental” option if they don’t have one. No mat or mattress is provided. One and a half liters of drinkable water will be provided for each person for 24 hours. If you wish so, you can bring your own trekking water bottles with other additional water.

  • In case of rain, the event will not be canceled and the experience will take place with the existing weather conditions.

  • Knowledge of the ENGLISH language is required, which must be the only language used in conversations.
  • REFUGEE civilians and FILLERS will arrive exhausted, without food, with ragged clothes and in need of comfort and charity from other civilians. They will be provided with essential accommodation (they will only have to bring their own sleeping bags and mattress). They are exhausted and have suffered violence and harassment, so they will come into play after a short walk, accessible to everyone, in precarious psychological conditions.

  • All nights are in game, but civilians, if they wish, will be able to stay overnight in structures outside the field at their care and expense, temporarily leaving the event in the period from midnight to 8 AM, when no significant organized game events will take place. However, we believe that the experience is more engaging by staying overnight in the camp.


DISPLACED civilians will have a settled experience, they will have to bring their own tents (if too technical, bring a tarp to cover them) sleeping bag and mat or mattress. We will provide them with material to equip the camp as it might have been organized in the 1990s, electricity, water, gas to heat food, and basic packaged food, but they can, if they wish, bring their own food and drinks from home. 

PLEASE NOTE: Food from home: sparingly. Remember that we are talking about people who are without adequate means of transport and who have long since left their homes. They have not been able to bring with them exorbitant quantities of foodstuffs, both in terms of quantity and variety. Part of what you are going to experience as characters is also about living with food shortages and how this can impact on your behavior and ways of perceiving others and yourself. Therefore, if you want to bring extra food, we advise you to do so sparingly, keeping in mind that this is not about having a Sunday picnic with friends, but about trying to immerse yourself in the shoes of people who have had to leave their homes because of a war.

« PEACE gave me the opportunity to experience a historical event that was so intense, at times, that I felt physical discomfort – but which was worth experiencing. Thank you. »

Participant Run #01




The UN Expedition entered the war territory on a specific mission known only to its members. Most of the group is composed of a platoon of BLUE HELMETS, trained soldiers from various countries, escorting and protecting a group of UN OFFICIALS, bureaucrats and leaders of the Organization without any military preparation, each with specific directives from their own Offices. To document the expedition a small group of UN ACCREDITED MEDIA follows the expedition, enjoying the same protection accorded to Officials.

The UN group members speak ENGLISH to each other, and will have to face several hours of walking in a natural forest environment, so we recommend this role to people in good physical shape. 

They will also have to camp and sleep in the open and feed themselves using the food they carry in their rucksacks, and dress themselves in mountain clothing (military/camouflage of any kind for Blue Helmets only), amphibious clothing or boots. They must also bring a sleeping bag. Waterproofs and UN headgear (helmets or hats, depending on role) and weapons for military personnel will be provided by the staff.

  1. Please choose this group only if you’re in good physical shape: we want you to reflect particularly on this point. The route that those who will take on the role of military and civilian representatives of the United Nations will have to follow is tiring and demanding, but nothing that cannot be done by those who are used to trekking. Anyone Who isn’t could experience unpleasant physical and mental exhaustion which would prevent them and the other participants from experiencing the event enjoyably.


  2. Backpack weight – The maximum recommended weight per backpack is around 8-10 kg. A larger amount would significantly affect the physical effort required and would also be an unnecessary one. Sleeping a night in the open does not require you to carry huge amounts of equipment/clothing/gear. If you carry backpacks that are too heavy on your shoulders you will tire enormously, much more than you should, and you may have to be helped by other participants if not assisted by staff members.


The largest group of civilians is that of the DISPLACED. These are the adult inhabitants of the nearby village of Dijevici, mostly of Christian Orthodox religion, who fled their village to escape the clashes of the civil war, taking refuge in the old mountain summer camps where they used to take their children. The displaced have never been directly involved in the war, and they are a peaceful and organized group that has no interest in moving from their shelter until the unrest ends.

The REFUGEES, on the other hand, come from the main big city of the valley floor, Procevici, a city that has been devastated by tragic events. Many of them have been victims of abuse, they have lost everything, sometimes even their humanity, and fled through woods and cliffs, hiding in the forest, and have finally reached the mountains. Among them there are many many women and few men,because their husbands and sons remained behind or died, mostly of Muslim or Catholic religion, each of them has a terrible story to tell, as witnesses of the worst horrors possible of the civil war.


The displaced people play a permanent game, are organized, have camp fires, food, plenty of water, tents. They had the opportunity to bring with them all sorts of comforts from home that they could carry up the mountain paths. It is a game suitable for those who do not want to go into the woods or have a tiring experience. Yet even their innocence is about to be shattered against the advancing war.

Refugees will move in the countryside for a very limited period-about 30 minutes- so they do not need to be so trained in walking the wildland. Their clothes are tattered, their faces dirty, their hair disheveled. They ran away, but not soon enough … They have no food with them, some of them have wounds or ailments from life in the woods as fugitives and they live on the charity of others. Yet their testimony is what they hold in their broken hearts. If you choose these characters, keep in mind that you will be living witnesses of violence suffered and horrors perpetrated, we advise against choosing those characters for people who are easily impressionable or with particular sensitivity towards violent episodes.

NB. The civilians speak the Slavic languages, which in the LARP fiction will be replaced by the ITALIAN language.


« PEACE is a necessary experience. The exposure to the reality actually experienced by other human beings, however mediated by fiction, was powerful and moving. »

Participant Run #01

This event was scheduled by Proxima in 2022 but due to the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine, the staff deemed it appropriate to postpone Run 1 to 2023. Now, seeing the requests of its associates, Proxima has decided to replicate it in Run 2 in June 2024.

For the authors of this larp, ​​among which there are those who personally participated as UN Blue Helmets in some of the events mentioned above, it is right to speak with disenchantment of the intrinsic contradictions of the peacekeeping operations which twenty years ago led the UN to some disastrous military and humanitarian failures. The purpose of this event is to give an important testimony to consider and meditate about the concept of Peace and to understand what one is really willing to do for this great ideal. If even a handful of players will feel the urge to delve into this crucial issue for the future of all peoples, then this event will have been useful.


Ex Polveriera di Rio Gandore – Unnamed Road, 29010, Gazzola (PC)

For UN – June 7th 2024 h. 11.00 AM
For Civilians – June 7th 2024 h. 09.00 PM

The end of the event is scheduled for Sunday, June 9th, h 01.00 PM.

ONU – 180
FILLER (civilians) – 60

NB. In the event of cancellations for UN characters, participants with FILLER tickets will be able to take over by adding a difference of €66 to the FILLER fee previously paid.



[ our goal is ] PEACE is a larp by Proxima.

Meet the team of organisers, set designers and authors who brought this event to life.

We would like to thank Luca Tenaglia, Francesca R. Cicetti and Camilla Missaglia for the photos of Run 1.

Designed and directed by Digio

Co- Authors
Chiara Bottone, Maria Luisa D’Ambrosio, Luca Fabbricotti, Maurizio Mariani, Mauro Scanagatta, Daniele Cristina, Filippo Santi

Set design, logistics, animation
Federico Ferri, Alessio Santarini, Paolo Brizio, Marcello Ruggeri

Maria Grazia Ceruso

Field Staff
Valerio Biagini, Fabio Costa, Monica Gardella, Alex Kurbatov, Federico Misirocchi



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